Alternate Universe Albums

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This is a list of the currently released Alternate Universe Beatles Albums, produced and mixed by Jacob Birdsong.

Junk In The Yard (1971) Links: PLAYLIST

Raymond (1972) Link: PLAYLIST, DOWNLOAD (207.4MB)

Everybody Out (1974) Link: PLAYLIST, DOWNLOAD (138.8MB)

The Scandal Sessions (1974) Links: PLAYLIST, DOWNLOAD (195.1MB)

Symphony No. 16 (1974) Links: PLAYLIST, DOWNLOAD (88.9MB)

Earth & Mars (1975) Links: PLAYLIST,DOWNLOAD (105.9MB)

The Speed Of Sight (1976) Link: PLAYLIST

Sunshine (1977) Link: VIDEO, DOWNLOAD (92.5MB)

All by Jacob Birdsong at Alternate Universe Albums and tragliclifeform;
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